2011 Jury Notes

Here you’ll find a (what I think is) complete list of reviews undertaken by the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize Jury for 2011. Click on the names to find the reviews.

The Wandering Falcon – Jamil AHMAD (Me; Lisa; Mark; Stu; Sue; )
Rebirth – Jahnavi BARUA (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark; Stu; Sue)
The Sly Company of People Who Care – Rahul BHATTACHARYA (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark)
River of Smoke – Amitav GHOSH (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark)
Please Look After Mother – Kyung-Sook SHIN (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark; Stu)
Dream of Ding Village – YAN Lianke (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark)
The Lake – Banana YOSHIMOTO (Me; Lisa; Mark; Sue)

The rest of the longlisted titles:
The Good Muslim – Tahmina ANAM (Me; Fay; Lisa; Mark)
The Colonel – Mahmoud DOWLATABADI (Fay; Lisa; Mark)
1Q84 – Haruki MURAKAMI (Me; Lisa)
The Folded Earth – Anuradha ROY (Me; Fay; Lisa; Sue; Mark)
The Valley of Masks – Tarun J TEPJAL (Me; Fay; Lisa)

You’ll note, between the six of us, we’ve managed to have at least one person read everything on that longlist. I’d just like to say how exciting this is – well done to the rest of the team for all their tireless reading.

Mark has managed to get some of the longlisted authors to have a brief chat with him about their work. I am, of course, insanely jealous of this. Check out the interviews here:

Jamil Ahmad (The Wandering Falcon)
Jahnavi Barua
Rahul Bhattacharya
(The Sly Company of People Who Care)
Anuradha Roy
(The Folded Earth)
Banana Yoshimoto (The Lake)


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