Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize

The Man Asian Literary Prize began in 2007, and was originally designed to find unpublished manuscripts from the Asian region to be published in English – either through translation or simple editing. The prize was revamped in 2010, and is now awarded to the best novel published in English, or in English translation, in the previous year.

The winners of the revamped prize are as follows:

2010 – Three Sisters – BI Feiyu
2011 – Please Look After Mother – SHIN Kyung-sook

Last year, several bloggers formed the Shadow Man Asian Literary Prize Jury, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate. Our task was simple: to read (at the very least) the shortlist, and pick our own winner. It is a great opportunity to celebrate and promote Asian literature – something about which I am deeply passionate – and something that will hopefully become a time-honoured tradition. We’re not here to replace the actual jury – just generate some discussion about the books on the lists.


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  1. […] over the last few months in relation to the this year’s list of books, you can find them here. I also wrote a piece about the Prize itself […]

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