MAL Prize 2012: Longlist

I think I’m the last of the shadow jury to announce this, so just in case any of you haven’t seen the news…

The longlist for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize was announced tonight in Hong Kong.

Goat Days – BENYAMIN
Between Clay and Dust – Musharraf Ali FAROOQI
Another Country – Anjali JOSEPH
The Briefcase – KAWAKAMI Hiromi
Thinner Than Skin – Usma Aslam KHAN
Ru – Kim THUY
Black Flower – KIM Young-ha
Island of a Thousand Mirrors – Nayomi MUNAWEERA
Silent House – Orhan PAMUK
Honour – Elif SHAFAK
Northern Girls – SHENG Keyi
The Garden of Evening Mists – TAN Twan Eng
The Road to Urbino – Roma TEARNE
Narcopolis – Jeet THAYIL
The Bathing Women – TIE Ning

Some initial thoughts:

It’s 15 books!!! Authors from 9 countries are represented. There are 6 men and 9 women shortlisted. 7 are translated (Ru from French, of all things), the other 8 are originally in English. Like last year, there’s a Nobel Prize winning author on the list – it will be interesting to see if Pamuk can do better than Murakami did. I’m surprised Thuy and Tearne are on there – they’ve expanded the requirements for authors, so some expats are now allowed in. Completely unsurprised to see the two Booker-shortlisted novels there. That Pamuk book is 30 years old, which is one of the quirks of this award. If I was a good person, I’d read the Kawakami in Japanese, but I’m very lazy. I’m most excited about the Kim Young-ha book, which I’ve been waiting for.

Time to get reading, I guess.

The official announcement is here.

As ever, follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #ManAsian.


6 thoughts on “MAL Prize 2012: Longlist

  1. […] pleased to be ask by this years Chair to join the 2012 edition of the shadow Man Asian prize  By Matthew and to join again Lisa and Mark as fellow jurors for a second year so today saw the longlist for […]

  2. winstonsdad says:

    great list most of which are new to me but what I so love about the man asian great books that are new to most people outside asia ,all the best stu

    • Matthew Todd says:

      I certainly know less than half of them. So that’s exciting. I’m looking forward to starting reading.

  3. markbooks says:

    I think this looks like a fascinating list. To me, some of the sub-continent ones look particularly enticing. I hope we find another great winner, but I also hope we find a hidden gem or two, in much the same way we discovered ‘Rebirth’ last year…

    • Matthew Todd says:

      My tastes definitely are more North-Eastern than yours (read: China, Korea, Japan), but yes! It’s not just about the winner – I’m keen to find an undiscovered great novel that we can tell the world about. :-)

  4. Lisa Hill says:

    I’m excited too, I discovered some great books last year and I’m hoping this year’s will be just as good.

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